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Different types of cbd oils


Hash oil, hash oil or THC oil?A secret: all these names mean the same thing: not really an oil, but an oleoresin, that is to say, a semi-solid extract containing essential oils and also from the resin of the cannabis plant. Oil hash, hashish or THC are produced either from hashish or marijuana (dried cannabis flowers). They are either extracted with a solvent or squeezed out of the vegetative buds.

Solvent extraction: the plant material is dried and heated; it is decarboxylation. This step is important because it makes the cannabinoids THC and CBD more soluble. Once the solvent is filtered and evaporated, remains a tacky liquid, resinous, and very fragrant.

Pressing: pressing the buds gives a resinous sticky extract. This product is already the final hash oil/hash oil that has a high THC content and is also called THC oil. In general, it contains between 10% and 30% of THC. Since 2010, however, THC oils have been found in concentrations of up to 90%.

Hash oil or hash oil can be swallowed, smoked, or inhaled. THC and its consumption are subject to the law on drugs in France. Possession of THC oil is therefore punishable. You should, therefore, avoid any purchase of THC oil. 

Marijuana oil

Marijuana oil is nothing more than THC oil specifically extracted from marijuana (dried cannabis flower heads). Marijuana has high THC content, higher than hashish; that is why marijuana oil is used primarily for medical and recreational purposes and is prohibited. It is, like THC oil, subject to the French and European law on narcotics.

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO

The name \"Rick Simpson Oil\" (RSO) refers to an extremely potent decarboxylatedextract made from the cannabis plant Indica, known for its sedative properties. It can contain up to 90% THC. Because of its healing power against cancer, Rick Simpson oil has become very popular.

In 1997, Rick Simpson injured his head during his work. He begins to have chronic pain. He also constantly hears a buzz. Over the course of the medical consultations, it turns out that none of the means proposed to him relieves him. He decides to resort to a remedy based on THC. His request for a prescription from doctors only resulted in refusals, for the reason that marijuana would hurt his lungs. He assured them, however, that he would produce an oil: it did not help him in his quest. Isolated with his pain, he decides to produce his oil himself. Thus, Rick Simpson no longer needed to find how to buy organic cannabis oil. To his surprise, he found that his own cannabis oil significantly relieved his symptoms,

Rick Simpson\'s skin cancer was diagnosed in 2003. He then remembers a report that THC could reduce tumors. He begins to coat his nodules with cannabis oil and cover them with a bandage. After only 4 days, they disappeared. But yet no one is interested in the success of his healing. He begins, therefore, his crusade to show the healing qualities of organic cannabis oil. Rick Simpson becomes known for his explanatory videos on Youtube. If you want to buy Rick Simpson\'s organic cannabis oil, we must disappoint you.


CBD oils do not contain THC or at most traces below the legal limit of 0.2%) because it is produced from the stem of the plant. It is also known as cannabis oil because CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and not from hemp seeds. CBD is usually extracted from industrial hemp. It is high in fiber and contains less THC than other types of cannabis plants. The CBD oil available for purchase is usually based on hemp oil. It may sound confusing. Indeed, many producers add to the hemp seed oil an extract of hemp that can have different levels of CBD (2.5%, 5%, 10% ...).

The main ingredient is not cannabis oil but hemp seed oil. Coconut oil is also used as a base; is then added the hemp extract containing CBD. At this stage, it is rather vague to refer to CBD oil as cannabis oil. CBD oils are legally available in France because of their low THC content. To learn more about the benefits of CBD oil, check out our detailed article on CBD oil: you will have access to more information, helping you before you buy organic cannabis oil.

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